Since 1993,Specware has been providing cutting edge product selection and specification software to manufactures of engineered products. Our products help engineers, the sales force, and maintenance staff all over the world quickly and efficiently locate the products needed for their application.

Blowerxpert7 is available as an on-line tour, or you can download a copy and try it today for free!

The standard for rotary blower sizing and selection software packages.


Since 1997, BlowerXpert™ version 5 has set the standard for rotary blower sizing and selection software packages. Since its introduction, thousands of copies of BlowerXpert 5 have been distributed, allowing representatives, distributors, OEM's, resellers and end users to size, select and specify M-D Pneumatics rotary blowers and vacuum boosters.
The only manufacturer of rotary blowers to offer unrestricted download of its software solutions to the general public, Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems is proud to introduce BlowerXpert 7.0. 

BX7 expands upon previous versions by empowering the user to:

Size rotary blowers and vacuum boosters in multiple stages (up to 4 stages) with rotary blower discharge pressures as high as 100 PSIG (6.89 bar g) or vacuum booster inlet as low as 1 micron (.001 Torr)

Select from even more blowers, including our new EQUALIZER® DF™, and COMPETITOR® SL™ / GT™ models.

Learn more about how motor and silencer selection affects the overall package

Keep multiple (up to 5) project files open simultaneously

Even better liquid injection features

In addition to sizing rotary blowers and vacuum boosters by standard volume, inlet volume or mass flow, BX7 enables you to set a fixed rotative speed and determine the inlet flow for each blower based on a fixed rotative speed

View operating point data for multiple conditions or multiple stages simultaneously

Select V-belt drives from standard data or determine how your drive will work with the selected model

Access the latest specification sheets and other product information from the BlowerXpert Web site

Keep your installation current with the latest innovations available in M-D Pneumatics blowers and vacuum boosters from Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems through our Automated Update feature.

Automatic configuration of PneuMax™ and PneuPak™ standard packages incorporating our COMPETITOR line of rotary blowers as well as other standard packages utilizing our PD PLUS®, ACOUSTICAIR™ and EQUALIZER® rotary blowers.

E-business features including automated request for quotation and online ordering via the BlowerXpert Web site

We genuinely hope that you find BX6 valuable to you in sizing, selecting, specifying and buying M-D Pneumatics blowers and vacuum boosters.

Good luck and please contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We can be reached by telephone at (417) 865-8715 or (800) 825-6937, or by E-mail at